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Sam Ashwell (Abstrakt Knights) and Dan Havers (DC Breaks) formed in 2007 with the premise of fusing styles, genres and tempos with one common feature - basslines. Having stormed onto the breaks scene with nominations at Breakspoll and releases on UK labels Hardcore Beats & Colony Productions, VENT are now impressing their ideas of mashing tempos on their series 'Deviant Creatures' featuring breaks, dubstep and 100bpm party mayhem.

Their growing reputation as one of the scene’s most exciting DJs has seen them play Annie Nightingale’s Pussy Parlour @ Glastonbury, Glade and regularly across Europe and the UK. Their championing of bassline music will also be taking them to Australia, New Zealand and America towards the end of the year. Deviant Creatures Pt. 2 has just been released, and VENT have previously worked with Si Begg, Cursor Miner, Crunch (Tipper), Deekline & Wizard, CTRL Z & Stereo:Type, and have further projects in the pipeline with Reso, Pyramid, DC Breaks, Epcot, Ill Spoken, Foreign Beggars, Eskmo, Profisee, Opiuo, Afghan Headspin and many more...


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