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1 - Can you tell us a Tell us little about your background? Where did you grow up, and where are you based now?

At the moment i live in Chemnitz (Germany), a city with less youth culture but a great music scene. I grew up in a tiny village near the czech border and went to the local music school till the age of 13.

After some years i was bored to simply reenact songs instead of being creative, but then i saw the first hiphop-video on MTV, what was my first contact to the german rap scene.


2 - What originally enticed you to start making music?

There was no hi-speed internet connection in this  village, just 56k dial-up. After getting frustrated of needing hours to download rap-instrumentals, i wanted to do them on my own.

So there was "Magix Music Maker" on santa's list.


3 - How would you describe your music?

Puhh, that's hard. "aUtOdiDakT" expressed it that way, my sound was maybe too melodic for the dance floor, but not in cheesy pop way.  well, I would say it connects glitch & dubstep with some DnB Basssounds. My intention was to create music  u can listen to at home,

without getting bored by a straight wobwobwobwob. I always like albums you really have to listen to, not that morning-shower-radio-singalong stuff.


4 - When did you first feel that you had finally discovered your own specific sound?

I guess i always had love for dirty sounds and "I'm Not Yours" is teasing, what i really want to do. When i came up with the guitar line of that song, i knew that this has to be the title-track because it is defining what tikay sounds like. My next single will definitely be more like this.


5 - How do you explain your music to your family members?

I don't really explain it. I don't speak that much with them about my music, because they are not into it, but my mom is playing my stuff in the car :D


6 - Do you know what kind of track you want to write before you start, or are you more of a trial-and-error type?

My hard drive is full of trial and error tracks, and they are mostly the bad ones. The best songs are created, when you're able to catch the idea you had in the very first moment.

These are few, but i look out for them. The other songs are more like training projects, but from time to time one of them turns out to be a great one as well.


7 - Do you play any instruments?

Not that good as it was noteworthy at this point.


8 - What’s your studio like?

My studio is a 2m desk with an iMac running Windows, Adam A7X Monitors, an Akai MPK49 Midi-Keyboard and a Focusrite Saffire audio interface … in my bedroom. That's it.

It's hard to find a cheap studio room in Chemnitz, but i probably moving into one with my mate "RAUPE" soon.


9 - How and where do you record?

That's up to the project . The Vocals of "I'm Not Yours" were recorded in a big Studio, with all that great equipment like an U87 mic.

Guitars are recorded in my room and processed with amp simulations, same as vocals that are not that important. Some specific stuff i can't do by myself - like the slap bass in "Sheah" - were recorded by friends.

After they sent it to me, i compose everything in FL Studio - most of the times, i already have a synth version of the instruments that will be recorded.


10 - Are you a vinyl junkie, CD-DJ or a laptop DJ?

I'm one of those next generation laptop dj's with controllers. My intension was to buy some technics, but there was not enough space for it in my "studio", so i decided for the smaller version.

Maybe i gonna buy some in the future. Coming from the hiphop scene i'm always a bit ashamed by "dj"-ing with some plastic knobs - i have too much respect, since i know so many blessed dj's.


11 - What records are you currently playing out at the moment?

At the moment i'm really into Glitch-Hop and Trap but the most of it is too new to the audience, at least around here. Anyways, Gent & Jawns - "Holler" is one of my favorite Moombah bangers right now

and i really like all of Mr.Frog, an 18 year old producer from new zealand.


12 - If you only had time to save one of your own musical relics or pieces of vinyl from imminent danger, which would it be?

That´s a tough one, probably "Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten ist…" by Ton Steine Scherben, a German punk band from the 70´s. In my opinion, the lead singer Rio Reißer is one of the greatest German lyricist of all time.


13 - Are you morning people or night owls?

Definitely night owl, i can turn my head more than 180 degree.


14 - What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

That i was a rapper too, but i never reached the lyrical level i was aiming at.


15 - Where do you think you will be musically in the next few years?

I will definitely release more solo stuff and hope to get the chance to play as many dj gigs as possible. Besides, i started a collab-project with my friend "Cop Dickie".

It's called "Donkong" and it is a lot more dancy and bassy, than our solo songs. You should check out our Dub Phizix's "Marka" Bootleg.


16 - A last word…

I'm really thankful for this interview and happy to see, that people start recognizing what i do.



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