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1 - Can you tell us a Tell us little about your background? Where did you guys grow up, and where are you based now? Who are your roommates? 

We are two brothers (Raj & Pops) , born n bred in Glasgow. We’re from a Punjabi/Sikh family and til today we are still based in Glasgow. We’re both married and living with our partners.


2 - What is the concept behind your name?

We were huge fans of Wu-Tang clan back in the 90s and came across a sample of a Kung-fu dialogue which said “Tigerstyle” in one of their songs. It sounded kinda cool! Being from a Sikh background which has such a warrior tradition, and ourselves having such a unique look, we felt the name would be fitting for us.


3 - How did you get started producing music? 

We actually started out learning classical Indian music, learning to play the tablas and sing in Indian scales called raags. As our knowledge and understanding of music expanded we started to DJ, fusing our western music tastes with the eastern vibes and then the original music just started to flow once we got our hands on some software.


4 - How would you describe your music?

Our music is a blend of British underground music, Punjabi Folk, Indian Classical and Bollywood film music. We are also influences by Hip Hop, Dancehall, Global Bass music and other musical traditions from around the world. We have named the current trend in our music “Digi-Bhang” which is also the name of our forthcoming album.


5 - When did you first feel that you had finally discovered your own specific sound?

After producing our second album “VIRSA” we felt we had started to create something we could call our own sound. Previous releases had been influenced by a lot of Bhangra which was around at the time. Releases after “VIRSA” such as our mixtapes, remix work, productions for solo artists and our own releases have all had a unique sound which we can confidently say sounds like Tigerstyle.


6 - When you sit down to make a track, what’s the first thing you typically do? How long does a track typically take you to make? 

Usually we start with programming drums. It gives us the backbone of the track from where to start structuring  and building the rest of the song. 


7 - When you do sample, how do you approach it? Where do you source your samples from?

We try to same something which sounds unique or has a specific texture that we are looking for. We try to dissect the sample and create something new with it so it becomes an original piece. We source our samples from old Punjabi or Bollywood records, or our vast collecting of Hip Hop, RnB and Reggae Dancehall.


8 - What other producers are you inspired by?

There are so many good producers out there, The obvious choices would be A R Rehman, Timbaland, Dr Dre, Salam Remi, Diplo, David Guetta , Shy FX the list goes on.


9 - What time of day do you work best?

We used to work all day every day and even through the night! But since we’re both married now and Raj has a baby daughter we try to stick to regular hours as much as possible. So mostly working from 10am til around 6pm, unless we have a show somewhere.


10 - Do you currently have a favorite piece of gear or software?

I think MASSIVE is a favourite right now.


11 - When you perform live, what’s your preferred setup, and how do you work together? How would you describe your sets?

When we DJ - Raj usually controls the turntables to DJ, and Pops is the Seletah! We build bigger performances depending on the event, so for festivals etc we bring in featured percussionists, MC and Dancers to create a bigger impact!


12 - What records are you currently playing out at the moment?

Here are our current favourites:

1 - 2Edit / Datsun trocipalia (Torro Torro Remix) / Party Like Us

2 - Rudimental ft John Freeman /  Feel The Love (Cutline Remix) / Black Butter Records

3 -  Tigerstyle / Kudi (G-TA Remix) / Soldier Sound Recordings 

4 - Schlachthofbronx / Backup run / Enchufada

5 - Tigerstyle / Ik Banere / Soldier Sound Recordings

6 - Crookers / That laughing song / Mad Decent

7 - Bikram Singh / Kinna Sohna Munda (Dj Shadow Dubai Remix) / SOldier Sound Recordings

8 - Foreign Beggars ft Skrillex / Still getting it / Data Records

9 - DJ Red & Revolvr / Lost My Adderall / Surfer Rosa

10 - Bikram SIngh / Electro Love Boliyan / Soldier Sound Recordings


13 - There’s a lot of fun/exciting/fresh ideas in music these days; what other genres do you listen to?

We listen to anything and everything. Gotta admit, we listen to a lot of Punjab/Indian music, from folk songs, devotional sufi music, Bollywood songs, and also a lot of Dance, Global Bass, Hip Hop, Pop music, whatever is on radio too.


14 - If you weren’t musicians, what would you be doing with your life?

Pops – I was studying to be an architect, so I think I would have stuck to that, failing that I’d have probably become a builder. I just love DIY! Lol

Raj – I’d have become an engineer of some sort cos I’m a super GEEK!


15 - Where do you think you will be musically in the next few years?

Hopefully expanding into new market, still experimenting and trying to things musically. And also collaborating with musicians cross genres and performing around the world.


16 - A last word…

Follow us here:


Web: http://www.tigerstyleonline.co.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TigerstyleOnline

Twitter: @TigerstyleMusic @Raj_Tigerstyle

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/TigerstyleOnline

MixCloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/TigerstyleOnline/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/TigerstyleOnline



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