TERROR DANJAH - undeniable (hyperdub)

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On Undeniable, Terror Danjah makes Afrobotic grime productions; An Esher-like sound which combines complex clusters of asymmetric rhythms and offbeat trapdoors with swooping synths and fx, all tagged with his trademark 
Gremlin Cackle audio logo.

Undeniable is full of new productions, and mutations of some classics from Grime's golden days as he flexes across the tangled musical landscape of British electronic music at the close of 2010.

It opens with the fire and enthusiasm of Dream Mclean on 'Grand Opening', 'This Year' features an irrepressible vocal combo from Mz Bratt and Griminal, D Double E from Newham Generals is both abstract and romantic on ‘Undeniable’, and singer Lauren Mason contributes the almost pop of 'All I Wanna Do' . Whatsmore Terror’s long-time spar Bruza is on exceptional form on ‘Leave me alone’.

Undeniable is also peppered with instrumentals that display so much rhythmic ingenuity. From the G-funk mutations of ‘I’m Feelin U’ and 'Time to Let Go' through to the rubber-band bass of 'Minimal Dub’ to breakthroughs in rhythm science such as 'S.O.S', 'Bruzin VIP' and the stunning, almost beat less, 'Sonar (Selassi Mix)' to the purple house of his collab with Baby Face Jay, 'Breaking Bad', what is undeniable is that Terror Danjah is one of the most important producers at work in British urban music today.

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