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SYMPHONIC DISTRIBUTION announces new streaming live show, SymLIVE!

Broadcasting live EVERY Wednesday via USTREAM while featuring tracks and guest DJ’s.




SymLIVE! ( ) is the official web show of Symphonic Distribution broadcasting live every Wednesday at 5pm Eastern Time! Each and every week residents Viro & Rob Analyze play some of the latest Breaks, Dubstep, Electro House, Tech House and more from artists all over the world and Symphonic Distribution distributed labels. Not only can you hear the guys, you can see them having fun too as the show is broadcast live via USTREAM and! To go along with the mix, there is a Top 5 track countdown featuring the hottest tunes delivered for the week as well as giveaways and more! As a treat, Symphonic Distribution has put up some free tunes and more that we'd love to see if it can be blogged!

 You may be asking yourself, what is Symphonic Distribution? In simple terms, our core business is to deliver music from Musicians to stores such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, eMusic and more. Artists and Record Labels aren’t easily equipped with the tools and resources to be able to deliver their music to these platforms so we as a partner do the hard work of getting it into these types of places for music fans to potentially buy your music! Each client of ours has the potential to choose a deal that suits them best and can receive up to 100% of royalties from all stores! EVEN BEATPORT! Symphonic also specializes in providing Mastering, Web / Graphic Design, Piracy Protection, Marketing, and more! Distributing over 2,000 clients from around the world, we distribute all genres and work closely with top labels Play Me Records, Simplify Recordings, Heavy Artillery Recordings, Ultragore Recordings and many more top artists!


WWW.SYMLIVE.CO < >  – Information + To Stream!

WWW.SYMPHONICDISTRIBUTION.COM < >  – About Symphonic Distribution



Free T-Shirt / iTunes Giveaway!

The 100th viewer of SymLIVE will receive a free T-shirt, Mixed CD from Symphonic Distribution, and a $100 (£62) gift card from iTunes!

Nowtrax will be giving out $50USD (£30) worth of tokens to purchase your favourite tracks with them! Simply tune in on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, 5PM EST to SymLIVE! < >  Where you’ll hear the top tracks of the week from Symphonic! One lucky listener will be the winner!


Free Mixes: (These mixes are hosted by the very labels we distribute with each hosting! 29 free mixes in one Soundcloud Set!)

Free Music: (We give to those that want, every week we post tracks on our website for free download!)

Free Mobile Apps! (Want to listen to music on the go? Listen to music from our three iPhone Apps!)

Stream Online! (Listen to dedicated radio stations of our distributed clients + listen by genre!)




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