STEPHAN JACOBS & SUGARPILL - level attack (muti music)

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Le producteur Stephan Jacobs, qui est basé à Los Angeles, situe son style entre Dubstep et Glitch avec une dominante west coast américaine particulièrement forte sur les 2 genres. 

Sugarpill n'est pas non plus un nouveau venu dans le royaume Glitch, et a sorti récemment un nouveau maxi "Flow Goggles". 

Ils combinent leurs forces sur Level Attack pour livrer morceau qui frappe durement. La participation de la chanteuse Naada au morceau fait mouche, Ses chants s'accordent parfaitement. 

Level Attack inclut aussi des remix d'artistes connus et émergents dans le Dubstep et le Glitch.



Los Angeles based producer Stephan Jacobs has been defining his position in the Dubstep and Glitch realms with a particularly strong US west coast take on the genres. 

Sugarpill is also no newcomer to the realms of Glitch with a recent slamming release ‘Flow Goggles’ out on Mochipets’ Daly City Records as well as doing an official remix of Mochipet - Complex Players Dub for them. 

They combine forces on Level Attack to deliver a hard hitting synth driven track that hits hard for a dancefloor. Adding vocalist Naada to the mix is the spice on the pudding, her vocals hit hard with a strong hook and you’ll find yourself believing, “You’re never going to tap that ...” so you may as well keep dancing. 

Level Attack includes remixes by some of the top and emerging artists in Dubstep and Glitch, Samples makes an appearance on Muti once again with an absolute slamming dubstep mix, as does Great Scott who throws down just the breaks mix that it needed. Willie Whompa and Goodie offer a deeper take that could give ‘The Glitch Mob’ a good nod, +verb takes it even glitchier and ChrisB closes out with a sound very reminiscent of some Mimosa tunes.

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