SON OF KICK - playing the villian (muti music)

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C'est avec un son étiqueté "psychostep" que Son Of Kick élève sa basse futuristique à un autre niveau. Playing The Villian est composé de sources d'inspiration variées qui donne ce côté épique au maxi. 

Machinedrum, Chris De Luca et Jantsen lui offrent chacun un remix.




While being tagged ‘psychostep’, Son Of Kick is taking future bass to another level. Support for Playing The Villian is coming in from varying sources because of the epic variation of sound included in this package. 

Machinedrum, Chris De Luca and Jantsen all pitch in with their signature sounds, while Son Of Kick supplies and additional vocal mix featuring Big Dada's BANG ON! that truly takes things to another level.



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