RUFF HAUSER - just the tip (simplify recordings)

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Boasting over 16 years of combined studio and performance experience the rugged sounds of Ruff Hauser have been a welcome and sought after addition to many of California’s freshest music festivals including Coachella, Symbiosis Gathering & Lightning in a Bottle. Representing his own style of West Coast 2-step & minimal dub-infused glitch-hop, Ruff Hauser captures the same energy of his dynamic multi-instrument live shows and channels the sounds to fuel his refreshing new EP “Just The Tip”. A true bass peddler his newest works sport menacing lows carefully punctuated by a beautifully orchestrated choir of airy synths and snares. Wielding drum machines, FX processors & digital sound manipulators with absolute dexterity, Ruff Hauser listeners will find themselves swept into “Time of Our Lives” as another innovative release from Simplify is ready to rock the dancefloors.



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