ROCKWELL - Childhood Memories ft Kito & Sam Frank (shogun audio)

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Dropping his bpm’s far below the usual confines of drum & bass, Rockwell has delivered a warning shot across the bows signalling just what he’s capable of. Written & produced with Kito and featuring the vocal talents of Sam Frank, ‘Childhood Memories’ is an utterly essential release.

In this digital package Phace & Misanthrop mess things up completely with their trademark German engineering for the Neosignal remix whilst Metrik is drawn in to drop a huge hands in the air peak-time performing re-fix. There’s also an awesome 808-fuelled electro house mix from east London's Teeth. Also included - a bonus digital track 'Fluf' - Jackin’ house but with the Rockwell twist of intricate edits and pristine arrangements.




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