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- Can you tell us little about your background?


PLAYMA: PLAYMA consists of Davip, Mars and Ben William, and all three of us have been on the electronic music scene for many years before we met. It was June 2011 when we decided to make something together after playing at the same event, an open air near Kaliningrad, Mars' hometown (Davip also lives in Russia, and Ben is from France). We spent few fruitful days in the Alex' studio, working on surprisingly massive dubstep tunes, and had no doubts about forming the band since then. In the Autumn PLAYMA was signed to Audioporn Records, and 2012 will see us taking the world by storm with new dubstep, drum&bass releases and extensive touring.


- How would you describe the sound you make?


Davip: I'd describe it as a forcemeat with rude, fat baselines and infectious melodies.


- When you sit down to make a track, what’s the first thing you typically do?


Ben: The first thing I do is a little bit of brainstorming about the direction and style of the track, but most of the time it starts with a beat and an idea for melody. Most of the time we are trying a few new synthesis we had before and start to build the tune.


- How long does a track typically take you to make?


Ben: To be honest, sometimes it takes time to make the whole tune due to the distance between us and tons of edits, but I can go from 2 weeks to 2 months to make the entire mastered tune.


Davip: Always different. For me, most of the time the tracks are done within a night (6-8 hours), but sometimes I can start today and finish only in half a year.


- What inspires you when you go into the studio?


Mars: The basis of our inspiration is definitely the music. We are some sort of audiophiles, enjoying different kinds of music. Sometimes, when you listen to something - you get that new idea. Sometimes it's also people around us. Travels are always good to have some inspiration. But I would say, since we are separated geographically, the most inspiring thing for us is being together in the studio, doing music and having fun!


Davip: For me it's everything that surrounds me. Friends, parties, terrible sounds of the neighbor's drill in the morning, sounds of motors, engines, saws, blenders and other types of instruments and devices :)


- Could you tell us a little bit about your studio? What kind of gear are you using?


Mars: Currently we've got three different studios. Talking about my studio, it's all about the monitors and proper use of space. There is a couple of Dynaudio BM15, a couple of Microlab ones, different types of midi controllers, BIG screen for a sequencer, DJ equipment, and a bottle of whiskey,


- When you’re not listening to electronic music, what do you listen to?


Davip: Probably everything, from light, sunny reggae to punk rock.


- When you’re not making or playing/making music, what’s your preferred pastime?


Ben: One of my favorite pastime is cooking for my familly and friends. I love spend time preparing some tasty dishes. Well, also I love watching football!


- Tell us about your upcoming gigs and releases…


PLAYMA: We are on a brief tour across France and Central Europe this Spring. Expect a series of new drum & bass remixes and collaborations in March, and a new dubstep 12” around the same time. It will be massive!


- A last word…


PLAYMA: We just launched a new website, which is - be sure to check it out and download a free tune called “Cuz We Are PLAYMA” from the sidebar. Stay connected via Facebook, we promise to provide you with lots of fun and eargasm in the nearest months and years!


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