Pále - Catacombs (fat! records)

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1. Catacombs 

2. Oak Music 

3. Orchidea


Manchester based Pále, aka Leo Marcus, has made some serious waves this year, delicately blending spacious melodies with pounding low end to produce consistently forward thinking house music.


After dropping his superb Why’d You Even Say? EP on Fat! Records back in January, along with the brilliant Silverstair on Four40 and his ridiculously huge remix of Mak & Pasteman’s Jungle Juice Pále has not only showcased his impressive variety but also genuinely established himself as one of the most exciting youngsters around at the moment.


This 3 track EP kicks off with Catacombs, which balances punchy bass stabs with ethereal vocal samples and skittering percussion to create undoubtedly one of Pále’s best tracks to date, something that manages to be fully dance-floor orientated whilst retaining a sense of blissful serenity. Oak Music opens with typically atmospheric pads and beautiful strings before falling into a void, the bassline pulsating ominously, accompanied by sparse clicks and an emotive melody before another breakdown of near-euphoric tranquility. The release is perfectly rounded off with Orchidea, a luscious sepia-tinted slow jam, or as Pále himself would describe it - “slow beats for tired feet.”



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