KING YOOF vs GOLD - Death B4 Dishonor ~ Slayer Soundclash (Sub Slayers)

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Welcome to the first in a series of Slayer Soundclash EPs where we pit together 2 artists in a full on production assault and what a result the first one has been with the mighty King Yoof taking on the dub master GOLD. 

The EP is a futuristic take on the art of Soundclash embracing the musical culture of Reggae music, sampling some of the most deadliest clash riddims ever to grace the arena and introducing a new generation by updating it in a 140 Jungle fashion. 

A fitting tribute to some of the forefathers of sound system culture such as Killamanjaro, King Addies, Saxon Sound and David Rodigan to name just a few. 


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FREE TRACK Major Lazor ‘Original Don’ King Yoof  Vs GOLD Relick


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