KEZWIK - get dropped (simplify recordings)

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A 15 year-old prodigy with the finesse of a seasoned beat-making veteran, Kezwik is bursting into the heart of the Dubstep scene with his monumental debut release, “Get Dropped“. Complex and extraordinarily evocative melodies create tremendous tension and act as the iron-clad framework for the massive beats to come. Precisely chiseled synths assault the senses with finely sharpened edges while absolutely concussive bass sends quaking tremors through any sub lucky enough to bump a Kezwik original. With two superb features from bass legend Messinian and an amazingly sexy vocal appearance by Mel Presson, it’s already clear that Kezwik has both the community support and enormous versatility necessary to attain a solid and enduring position as a break-through musician. Despite his impressive youth, this album marks a pioneering milestone not only for Kezwik, but for American Bass as a whole. – Ethan Baer



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