K_CHICO - burn ~ Remix Contest

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Original track :


K_CHICO - Burn ***STEMS***


People can send their remixes back to K_Chiko  via his soundcloud drop-box :



K_Chiko’s brand of bluesy electro is unique.  He namechecks blues legends like John Lee Hooker, but obviously draws just as much from electronica – with “Burn” also tipping its hat to Depeche Mode. He plays the slide guitar, sings and plays synth at his infamous live shows. He also directed and stars in his innovative video for his current single ‘Burn’.


The video is  disorientating and actually effects your balance! The production is based on the morphing effect and required hundreds of unique stills. The famous Champagne producers "Bollinger," who normally only sponsor James Bond movies, liked the test shots so much that they donated entire cases of their product to the crew. 

K_Chico has had support from the likes of GusGus, Ellen Alien, Chloe, Wighnomy Brothers, Munk and releases on Teichmann- Brothers' "Festplatten"and Bar25.


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