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Following the success of their debut single, JOHNNY WORE BLACK, brainchild of London based songwriter/producer JOHNNY JAY COEN is set to release UP IN FLAMES.



Johnny Wore Black features a dynamic line up of musical collaborators and Up In Flames sees the continued involvement of rock royalty DAVID ELLEFSON of MEGADETH on bass guitar, lending his signature rock bass skills to the song’s powerful sound. Johnny Wore Black says “This is the next instalment in our story. Having seen how well received ALL THE RAGE was, and still is, it’s been an exciting time in making sure Up In Flames has a similar impact and I’m thrilled that David agreed once again to play on the new single”. 


Accompanying the release of Up In Flames is a Dn’B remix by REBEL SONIX and a drum step remix from J-DAWG.


REBEL SONIX < >  remix - Larry Holcombe (BOTCHIT, FINGERLICKIN), Phil Guest and AL Swettenham. Fresh from smashing dance floors with their BACK IT UP E.P. which received support from heavyweights such as ORBITAL, LEEROY (PRODIGY) and EDDY TEMPLE MORRIS (X FM) amongst others, AV bass merchants Rebel Sonix are back remixing Johnny Wore Black's Up In Flames. Showing their versatility and ability to cross genres and tempos with ease this remix is a deep, dark brooding Dn'B roller which combines rolling beats, mutoid bass squelches, and ravey keys. The vocal hook from the original states "up in flames I'll take you down" which pretty well sums up what this remix will do! This is a slice of peak time big Dn'B guaranteed to mash up the dance floor! 


The J-DAWG remix - sees Up In Flames reshaped into an infectious Drumstep/Rock hybrid of low-slung guitars and soaring synths whilst maintaining the song's structure and lyrical content. This version will appeal to those that are into the electronic/rock crossover.   


Up In Flames comes hot on the heels of Johnny Wore Black’s critically acclaimed debut single ALL THE RAGE. Released in conjunction with HELP FOR HEROES, All The Rage featured the talent of MEGADETH’s DAVID ELLEFSON on bass and was mixed by Grammy award winning producer DAVID BOTTRILL. All The Rage enjoyed extensive media coverage including features in METAL HAMMER, REVOLVER, MUSIC WEEK and ITV NEWS. The video was premiered by REVOLVER and featured on KERRANG! TV and had widespread national radio coverage including BBC RADIO and KERRANG! RADIO. It is currently available from iTUNES and all other good digital retailers. 


Johnny Wore Black is in the process of completing their debut album, WALKING UNDERWATER, which is due for release later this year. 



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