Human Boot Project

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Japanese Producer Masashi Delivers an album of genre Breaking Electronica.

The album will be available at most major online stores.
Please Check it out!!

Human Boot Project New Album "Don't Forget the Sheep"

1. Super Bathroom (4:17)
2. Yuri (3:36)
3. Dying Forest (4:09)
4. Xan (3:18)
5. Ember (4:03)
6. Sneaking Sheep (3:52)
7. Dawn (3:01)
8. Decoy (3:31)
9. Flatline (3:25)
10. U (2:42)

Human Boot Project
Red Robot Records

【Human Boot Project】
HumanBootProject are a Japanese underground music unit.This is a genre breaker fusing Jazz with Rock and Drum and Bass and one to get the synapses twinging. (Red Robot Records)

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