Hot N Heavy present: bizarro funk (badman press)

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...of course one of those things is DZ's 'Bizzarro Funk EP,' which is dropping as a 4 week exclusive on Beatport, August Sickth, and  through all other online retailers on September 9th. this is a Hot 'n Heavy recordings release, and we here at Badman love our music hot 'n heavy!


with support from Hot 'n Heavy front man Commodore 69 on 'The Hustle,' which was featured in Udachi's Spring 2010 Promo Mix, you know this thing is a banger from front to back. this is a 4 track EP chock full of Bassline and UK Funky style beats, something you don't hear DZ do often, but something you know that much like everything else he touches, he does rather well. you can get a taste of it here at Hot 'n Heavy's Soundcloud page.
don't forget that copies of Itchy's 'Miss You' are still available over at Chemical Records, and to snatch them up while they're available! also, the 'Afterdark EP' hits Juno in MP3/WAV on August 3rd - you can snatch that up here.
on the vinyl note, BPR004, featuring Vancouver's Taal Mala should be available shortly. check out A-side 'Criminal Youths' right here. of course, coupled with that vinyl release, Taal will have a 4 track EP to couple with it. more information will be available on that shortly.
as always, once more information is available, you'll get it here first!



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