HEYOKA - mandelbass (muti music)

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Heyoka réussit à se détacher des producteurs de bass music grâce à un son unique. Depuis quelques années Heyoka mélange différents éléments du Glitch, de la Grime, de la Drum'N'Bass, du Dubstep et maintenant du Blues et du Jazz.

Mandelbass tire son nom du mathématicien Benoit B. Mandelbrot et fouille aussi profondément dans le blues et dans les influences du garage d'années 60.




Heyoka manages to stand out amongst bass music producers with a cult like following due to his unique take on all things ‘Glitch’ and ‘Bass’ centric. In the past few years Heyoka has been taking elements of Glitch Hop, Grime, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and now Blues and Jazz and turned them on their heads repeatedly and emerging at times like the audio version of synthesized dimethyltryptamine and other times creating walls of sound that provide a full body massage and relieve pressure on the extremities.

One undeniably consistent element that is heard from anywhere he has toured or been submitted for review, is that the Heyoka experience is a bass lovers delight.

Mandelbass pays is named in respect to mathematician and ‘creator’ of fractals Benoit B. Mandelbrot and also delves deeply into blues and 1960’s garage influences, all the while maintaining Heyoka’s dynamic use of Glitch plugins and edits. So get ready for a ‘glitched out session of low down bass grooves and some honky tonk thrown in for good measure.



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