FREDDY TODD - painting in a silent eternity: b sides (simplify recordings)

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“Adventures Deeper Into The Brapbit Hole” is the follow up to 2011’s “Painting In A Silent Eternity”. The album, originally 22 tracks, was cut to 17 right before it’s official release:


From Motown and the Midwest to ancient Egypt and eastern worlds, from the west coast and the Rockies to 7 mile and the ‘burbs, or from an outer-space crystal kingdom in another dimension to your pineal gland, ears, body, and soul, Freddy Todd is back at it, drawing sounds, genres, and styles from all over the spectrum.


Melding earth and booty shaking laser bass low-end with sparkling melodic synthesizers, stirring together funk-slime with glitch-hop, breakbeats, dubstep and countless other genres; All layered on top of crunk-tastic, ancient alien rhythms, this release is sure to melt you on the dancefloor, in your headphones in the fetal position, or bumping through the streets with the top lid back and the bass down low.



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