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1 - Can you tell us a Tell us little about your background? Where did you grow up, and where are you based now?

My actual name is Barry i was born in South London, I am now based in Sutton. I come from a fairly musical background, my dad was a Disco DJ in the 70s and my nan used to be a singer. My mum used to drill Reggae & Ska into me when i was younger even now so would probably explain why I ended up making Dubstep. 


2 - How did you guys get started DJing and making music?

I started DJing about 8 years ago when Garage came about, I didn't start making music till i was 19. I was playing house parties and private functions from a young age but didn't actually play out to a proper crowd till i was 20. Since then I have played on about 10 different pirate radio stations, starting out on Laylow in West London and eventually held down a slot on Londons Flex Fm.


3 - When did you first feel that you had finally discovered your own specific sound?

I have had my own sound for a very long time now but i wasn't totally sure it was strong enough to turn some heads until some big DJ's picked up my tunes, since the consistent radio plays it has inspired me to make what ever comes natural and not put myself in a box I am hoping I can just make enough good music that no one will care what style it is and just enjoy :)


4 - Do you know what kind of track you want to write before you sit down to make it, or are you just trying things out until the music gels?

It all depends on where i was before hand sometimes i get an idea from a vocal on a track and take the key it hits and no what i want to do before i sit down. 95% of the time i go with an idea in my head but its never a good thing to sit down to make something specific you should just let it roll out.


5 - Do you play any instruments?

I cannot play any instruments apart from my own music on keyboard and some really cheesy pop songs however I am looking into learning guitar next year hopefully.


6 - Could you tell us a little bit about your studio? What kind of gear are you using?

I cannot play any instruments apart from my own music on keyboard and some really cheesy pop songs however I am looking into learning guitar next year hopefully.


7 - What are you doing when you’re not DJing?

If I am not DJing im in the studio making music or somewhere thinking about making music lol, I like football so i spend a lot of time neglecting my sex life and playing Football Manager (Its an Addiction).


8 - Tell us a little about your style of DJing.

I like to play with the low cut a lot, i try to find the tunes that are in the same key and play with the two sub patterns I have heard Andy C do it on a massive system it just blows you away.


9 - When playing live, what are you using for your performances?

I normally use just 2 CDJ's and a mixer but i want to bump it up to 3 decks soon I have been doing it on radio a lot lately just waiting for the perfect time to have a go live.


10 - What was the best party/gig/festival you’ve ever played, and why?

I haven't really got a favourite, Sheffield is always lively when I play there and they lap up everything I play. I also played at Croydub which is probably one of the nights I have always wanted to play at. My first European gig in Rotterdam was definitely one to remember. 


11 - A little playlist of your favorite records thesedays?

I have so many wicked dubs its so hard to pick a few but here are some that have been going off!!!!!

Kinzy - Dirty Ladies


Mutated Mindz - Mr Blue

Ethos & Chad Dubz - Iron Dank

Sparxy - Gravitation

Benton - Dem A Gas

50 Carrott - Whiz Kid

Pote - Intermission

Archie Cane - Kill Everything


12 - If you weren’t dj, what would you be doing with your life?

If I wasn't a DJ I would probably be a chef I question myself daily about did I make the right career choice because the food I make is banging lol, I also think if I wasn't a DJ I would be completely sane and boring!!


13 - Where do you think you will be musically in the next few years?

I will be a lot smarter hopefully will have worked with some different artists and picked up few different tips etc. I am at a level now I am happy with but I know there is still a lot more to be learnt. 


14 - A last word…

Yesssssss, please visit my soundcloud and listen to my music or lock into my radio show on www.rood.fm weds 2-4pm GMT, Thanks :D





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