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1 - Can you tell us a Tell us little about your background? Where did you grow up, and where are

you based now?

Grew up in a stony little Hamlet Near Glastonbury in Somerset. Spent my youth Sat in the back of

Cars blazing and listening to Bristol music and so took the bus to Bristol and never looked back.


2 - How did you get started producing music?

I guess sitting at the old piano in my house as a kid and pressing the keys until something I liked

came out.


3 - How did you end up on Ramajam Recordings?

Ricky at Ramajam used to run a night called Infidelity in Bristol and someone said he was starting a

label so got in contact through a friend and set up a couple releases that way.


4 - When did you first feel that you had finally discovered your own specific sound?

I have felt that feeling a few times when you just hit on something but I tend to keep moving

forward so have never got stuck in one “sound” for too long. I let others judge if they think we

have a sound. It’s a very personal / objective thing.


5 - Could you name three tracks that you think were particularly influential for your own style?

The Prodigy. “Smack my Bitch up”

Massive Attack. “Lately”

Uncut – Midnight Ft. Jenna G


6 - How would you describe your music?

Heavy & Soulful.


7 - When you sit down to make a track, what’s the first thing you typically do? How long does a

track typically take you to make?

There’s usually 2 methods


METHOD 1: You completely fly with it and it’s written in 3 days of whirlwind creativity. It writes

itself and you wonder how the fuck you did it!


METHOD 2: It takes a few years of working on it, starting with a burst of creativity then it runs dry

so you come back months or years later later to build more layers, come back again scratch some

layers off and repeat until it’s done. This method feels like how painters do their thing where they

paint and remove then paint again. It’s rewarding in the end. This happened with “Music In The

Night” on V recordings. I wrote that track over a 10 year period!


8 - What other producers are you inspired by?

I’m impressed by the amount of time people are putting into twisting audio to the point that it

sound like dubstep in a food blender. People like Koan Sound. But they realize that you still cant

beat a good song.

Ed Rush & Optical were Bad Boy’s back in the day, Shy FX takes his time but always delivers.

Quincy Jones – Pioneer. Liam Howlett – Pioneer.


9 - When you do sample, how do you approach it? Where do you source your samples from?

I usually just buy a load of old CD’s from 2nd hand shops or the “buy 5 CDS for £3” at Tescos and

listen to the music and see what pops up.


10 - Do you currently have a favorite piece of gear or software?

Recently bought an API2500 compressor…love the punch and smack it gives the drums.


11 - Do you DJ, play live, or both? How would you describe your sets?


The DJ set is pure vibes…I mix up classics and new tracks to get the floor stomping. I usually

roll with Lorna (vocalist in the Live band) and Redskin (MC) to add the interactive element and

encourage the crowd to pop off!

I can’t even describe our live sets. You just need to come see us. It’s amazing to be part of the live

set. I think its the most exciting live show to come outta Bristol this millennium.


12 - What records are you currently playing out at the moment?

If you go to my soundcloud page you can hear a mix I just did for @1xtra…all track names are up on

there: http://soundcloud.com/dr-meaker/dr-meaker-guest-mix-for-bailey


13 - Where’s your favorite place to DJ?

Boom town fair (asbo Disco tent) was pretty special this year and Bristol is always a amazing as we

get the home crowd out in force.


14 - Favorite non-electronic record of all time?

Couldn’t name just one but one of them is Frank Sinatra – My Funny Valentine.


15 - Are you morning people or night owls?

It varies – Some members are better in the morning but most of us are night owls.


16 - When you’re not making or playing/making music, what’s your preferred pastime?

Films. The net. Food.


17 - A last word…

IF you do one thing in 2013 make sure you come see Dr Meaker play live.

And check out our new website with all release details , gigs, etc.

Its http://www.drmeaker.co.uk/





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