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01– Who’s Defect Data ? 

I'm a Artist/Producer from Darmstadt/Germany

02– How did you choose your stage name?

I started as disconnected network but after some time ,I found out many people have problems to keep that name in mind. Some guys in germany can't repeat it 5 min ago. And some time ago I started the project Defect Data, I use Disconnected Network now to show some of my Drum&Bass tunes which I also love to produce from time to time.

03 – Why to have chosen the label « freakbitch »? is my own label. I have started it to support creative and talented artist. At time it is running as a non profit organisation. I plan to put out also some releases. But i dont know at time when this will be. But i will bring out some stuff on different labels the next time. And I'm also open minded for any future label collaborations.

04 – What is your musical background?

I started mixing records 1992/93. Soon I was playing my first small parties, and soon after that I was playing in some of the most popular techno clubs and Radio Stations in Germany. 2003 - I get invited by DJ Rush (kne'deep / chicago) to produce some music together. This experience was life changing and showed me new and unknown way to make music. 2004 - I tryd to buy some own equipment and I started to experiment with different kinds of analog sound machines like Roland MC303 / Korg electribe S1. I experimented with new sounds and tried to find different and fresh styles of rhythm mixed with sick noises. From that point forward I was no longer djing, I tried to focus on producing own stuff and performing live with my own original music creation.

05 – How would you describe your style ?

Hard question... I was always much experiment with rhytmic and fresh sounds and noises. I never was focus on that what dj's do or play. I tryd to find my own style of music creations. It has a bit of every kind of musical genres. I dont use this 4/4 beat anymore... Can't believe that so much also playing that 4/4 baseline and minimal stuff. What's next ? I think its defenly time to progress and to show more sophisticated and fresh music now.

06 – What do you prefere to compose : analogic or electronic ? 

I use analog equipment in midi sync the most of time. This way is the best for me to be creative. If i use software that visual thing of a song structure that you see on the screen is killing much of the creativity. If i only focus on the sound that is happen it goes in a totally different way. 

07 – What are your influences?

Ohhh so so much... I'm inspired by all kinds of musical genres. I listen much to some hard Drum&Bass stuff... And some important artists I listen to a lot are: 




- M.I.A.







- THE Dø


And much much more...

I dont listen much to electronic/techno music or dj sets.

08 – Of all that you made, which is your favorite track? 

Ohhh! I cant favorite one special track. I have soo many stuff.... There are more than 300 tracks or more in backstuff. I never stop wondering sometimes if I find old stuff that I cant remember to produce... Ha ha!

09 – What do you try to achieve with the music?

To make the listeners happy... If I can transport the passion to the listener... Its the greatest, what makes me happy too.

10 – Have you new projects ?

Basically I'm on to release some music the next time, and to get more live shows. Most of time I'm on the laptop and hunting the web doing promotions for Defect Data and 

11 – With whom do you dream to work?   

If i whould have the free choose... Bat For Lashes or Björk 

12 – What do you think of the digital format?

The last years brought big changes to the music industry. Like iTunes.and all that things... Every good thing offers a bad one at the same time. It's no problem for anybody to sell music online, no matter if the music good or bad. You know, it's maybe one reason it's so hard to get people to check out and listen to music. 

13 – How do you perceive the evolution of the electronic music?

Electronic music is now defenly a part of the most popular music on the globe. The most of Artists are using electronic beats now. like Beyonce' & co. Global chart music is become more and more  interesting every day. Hard to see so many guys in Germany they only listen that 4/4minimal stuff. Sometimes it looks like they dont note whats going on. the future is now! welcome...

14 –  A last word?

I want to say thank you to all they support Defect Data and and Thanks for the amazing feedback/comments/mails/postings.... i recieve everyday around the web. You made my day :)   




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