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With support from some of the big hitters in dubstep, Cogent has been carving his own niche in the scene since 2004 when some of his tracks were given exposure in clubs and on radio by the likes of J Da Flex (Radio 1xtra), Plasticman (Rinse FM), Slaughter Mob and Search & Destroy.

It wasn’t long before dj’s around the globe started to get in touch, and his music started reaching the airwaves and dancefloors around the world.

Hailing from the town, Rushden in Northants, UK, his musical journey started after getting an electric guitar at the age of 14. A few years were spent playing in bands with his mates, until meeting 2 likeminded musicians and forming a more serious which taught him valuable musical skills.

With his roots in rock and metal, Cogent got a feel for the limelight around 96-97 while recording, and touring in Germany with his band at the time. Enjoying a few years gigging and partying, the hustle of being on the road soon took its toll on the band, and they went their separate ways to further individual projects.

In the meantime Cogent finished his music course at college and became immersed in club culture, delving deeper into the sounds of drum n bass and electronica. He started working part time at a few local recording studios, whilst building up a home studio to experiment with music technology to make his own tracks.

As part of the ‘Homebrew’ collective (RIP), Cogent and his mates started putting on parties around his area. These soon became regular monthly nights in his home town drawing in listeners from all walks of life, coming to hear fresh sounds and witness the awesome array of VJ’s which combined with the artists, made up this unique collective.

Around 2002, his early drum n bass tracks got support from the likes of L Double (BBC 1xtra) and Technique Recordings Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith. Around the same time Cogent set up his own imprint, Reference Recordz, and released a 4 track EP titled ‘A New Chapter’

Cogent continued to produce a mixed bag of sounds and started getting exposure in the breaks and down tempo electronica scenes. After a chance visit to a club called Fwd back in 2003, he found a new home; dubstep and grime dubplate culture took a hold on him.

Inspired by the sounds he was hearing, Cogent started experimenting with more minimal soundscapes, with a focus on bass, and heavy syncopated beats. He began passing dubs to the headz down Fwd when his tracks started getting played out on radio and in clubs.

Also inspired to learn how to mix, cut dubs and play out his own beats, Cogent found himself becoming a vinyl collector again; waiting for the tunes he was hearing to hit the shops. Studying this art he started taking bookings, mixing in clubs and released a free ‘Slugplates’ mix series which became popular within the dubstep community.

With a stream of steady tracks getting regular airplay, and his productions being released on Dubkraft Records, DPR Recordings, Structural Damage and Occupy Your Mind Recordings. Cogent has more to come.

Now aged 30, Cogent cites this journey and everything that’s happened along the way as his inspiration for his latest productions. His next EP is due out late 2010 and a few remixes of some of dubsteps elite will also be out real soon, big things are expected from this producer in 2010.

• Cogent - A New Chapter EP - Reference Records - 2002

• Cogent - Vacant - Universal Cooler Records (UCRLP004) - 2003

• Cogent - Whoppa - Dubkraft Records (DKR003) - 2007

• Cogent - Terminal - The Definition Series: Dubstep - Occupy Your Mind Recordings (OYMCD009) - 2008

• Cogent - Dark Steppa - Structural Damage Records (SDamage 001) - 2008

• Cogent - Guard - Cinematic Dubstep Vol. 2 - Dubkraft Records (DKR012) 2009

• Cogent - Cnutz - Lordz of Dubstep - Occupy Your Mind Recordings - (OYMCD011) - 2009

• Cogent - Plex EP - DAT Pressure Records - 2009

• Don Goliath - Dubbing Down Babylon (Cogent Refix) - Dubstep Division Recordings - FORTHCOMING

• Cogent – Counter Motions EP – (Forthcoming Release TBC)



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