CALVERTRON & QALVR - raw 2 da floor (jack knife records)

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Following his latest collaboration reaching #1 on Beatport's genre charts and recent remixes being scattered across the stores Dubstep top 100, Calvertron now presents the first single on his new look Jack Knife Records label. Support already coming from the likes of Freestylers, Skism, Vaski, Dodge & Fuski, Cookie Monsta, Wideboys, Flinch & More. 


Jaguar Skills: '5/5 - Hard!!!'

Skream: 'Really like the Calvertron mix'

Figure: 5/5 - 'HUGE! Adding this to my crate right now!' 


Originally released back in 2010, Raw 2 Da Floor was not only one of Jack Knife's best received releases, but also Calverton's. So now, for 2012, the collaboration between Calvertron & his long lost cousin Qalvr has been bought up to date with 4 speaker destroying remixes from Dubstep, to Electro and between! 


Remixes here come from Calvertron himself, Hirshee, Lazy Rich and Dubsidia. 



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