AUTONON - song from room one (kaometry records)

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Songs From Room 1 is a dark and heavy matter. It is Breakcore but it stands by itself, without any obvious arrangements, with unexpected atmospheres and departures.

And no mercy at all.

Autonon wrote this four songs in a solitary and unique moment, a real private life spot producing four tracks with a specific weight much higher than what you could guess.

To give an image we'd better say he built the songs, releasing a mini-but-heavy concept that stands fiercely as a tower, a squared building with strong walls, and windows like thin wounds, hiding cellars, corridors, large halls and chapels.

Acoustic classical strings as well as medieval horns features all over the compositions, arranged in great equilibrium with all other instruments, developing the whole frame along with a masterly and real powerful drumming, drilling synths and killer bass-lines.

And no self-complaining, no sadistic imagery neither a mad giving up to fire everything. There are so many surprises in this monolith!

The opening fanfare of "Room 6" tells you immediately what kind of labyrinth you're entering in. Track 2 "Cisplatin" is a furious battle but is timed around a dripping water drop, such a slow and inescapable rhythm. Following piece "Losing Identity" joins breakcore power with liquid percussions, distant choirs and the cut of a scissor, somehow - it's undefinable how... - achieving the remote chance to handle quiet overtures into the hellish feeling that we're close to the end of all things.

Once again with the last rack - whose title probably provides the most appropriate words for this work, "Faith And Suspicion" - opens with a gloomy melodica and in few steps turns into the best epic, desperate, dramatic neverthless hopeful closing tracks you could expect.

But then... not a simple joint for the two following remixes! How to enter the tower?

Stazma's interpretation of "Losing Identity" is an hectic act opening with morbid percussion and then straight without breath, in great strain till the end.

In the end, like a bandit, he quietly lays down the horns, those distant and hieratic horns opening the whole release.

But it's not the end. A different episode, a subtle circulation of meanings closes this Kaometry release: it is Najmal "revisitation" of the opening track, a brilliant work of cutting and slowing down operated on strings and beats, smart solutions from Kaometry's breakcore strategist, with room enough for a minimal exit on piano.



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