ALLFLAWS - R Complex (derelict state records)

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Bristol's very own dark masters Allflaws have released a special video for the somewhat haunting and brooding EP (R Complex) which is out on UK label Derelict State Records. The video is created by London and Bristol organization Kurupt Media and is an interesting and foreboding follow up to the previous video release (Manufactured Violence). Allflaws have emerged from the depths of the infamous Bristol music scene with a deep, intense and experimental sound which intelligently combines strands of industrial, hip hop, breakbeat, trip hop and electronica.


You can check out the new R Complex video at the link below:


Allflaws is an English electronic, industrial and trip hop project, created in 2004 by Gabriel Curran in Bristol,United Kingdom. As its main producer, vocalist and songwriter, Curran is the only official member of Allflaws and is completely responsible for its direction. The Allflaws sound fuses an eclectic range of electronic genres and is built primarily around the rapping and singing of Curran. As a vocalist, Curran’s style can be characterized by his dark, poetic and evocative lyrics, which include notable themes of science fiction, mental illness, fantasy and politics.



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